Born and raised in Paris, Alexandre Allemand spent his youth surrounded by history and art. He often spent entire nights tirelessly turning through books filled with paintings, sculpture, and other masterpieces of the human hand, fueled by nothing more than exceptional curiosity and passion... and perhaps some quality 70% cocoa chocolate.

It was only after he completed his studies in international trade that Alex decided to break free from the conventions of city life and strike out on his own into the chaotic wonderland of Asia. There, at the source, his passion for precious metals and gemstones was forged and his dots began to connect.

Ardson invokes a novel conception of jewelry: a medium through which one can experiment with the ideal equilibrium between stone and metal. Every balanced piece that leaves the workshop is unique and bears the mark of many hours of fine-tuning with attention to detail. 

In line with his multi-faceted spirit, there’s modernity in the lines, assertiveness in the construction, and veracity in the setting. While Alexandre's first collection was inspired by elementary shapes, his second takes inspiration from everyday objects because, after all, art is not always what you expect.

At the present, Alexandre is back and forth between France, Thailand, and plenty of other destinations, relentlessly seeking inspiration and sourcing the purest gemstones along the way.