Ca Pique - Black Rhodium Ring - Zirconia

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An original ring for him, with a thick body. Black Rhodium coated with great care, it will style up every outfit.

||| Made in Sterling Silver coated with Black Rhodium and fitted with a zirconia stone

||| Handcrafted _ 3 day lead time is required before shipping your item

||| Delivery _ Worldwide through Air Mail (7 to 14 days) or DHL Express (2 to 3 days)

For special sizing contact us here. We would love to tailor a special ring for you.

*For this item, we use Ruthenium coating (also called black rhodium), which has the peculiar characteristic to appear grey with natural light but to show a darker hue in the shade or when hit by artificial light.

In our photo studio, we use artificial lighting that highlights the darker side of the ruthenium which is why the pictures on our site will appear a bit darker.