DESIGNInspired by industrial shapes and minimalist geometry, our jewelry embodies the quintessence of french aesthetics: the marriage of fine details with simplicity.
METALWe strive to preserve the innate equilibrium between metal and stone. Thus, we form each of our pieces from an ideally balanced alloy - several of which are unique and born of our own innovation. Check it out.
KNOW HOWAll of the jewelry that leaves our workshop is handmade and has been treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. This means that each piece is unique while upholding a high standard of quality.
GEMSTONESWe believe in the power of stones. Our fascination with natural minerals runs deep and we hand-pick them, right at the source, to ensure you adorn yourself in gems with the richest tones and highest rarity. Check it out.
female jewelry silver bracelet screw cuff ring gemstone
male jewelry silver bracelet screw cuff ring onyx gemstone